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Thursday, 19 November 2009


1 (Props) : We used the one main prop, which was the ipod shuffle. We used this for two main reasons. The first was so we could use the soundtrack, and the second was to give the film something the audience could relate to.

2 (setting and location) We decided to set our film in urban areas because Its where most teenagers live/brought up. We chose house that would typically be seen in the city.

3 (camera work and editing) We chose mainly mid and long shots to show the audience the area where the main character lives. We decided then to add titles in the shots around him as there is plenty of space.

4 This is a particular shot we liked because we thought it gives a mood and feeling of loneliness.

5 (main title) We chose this for our title as we thought it sounded good as it is relatable to music. The general idea was to make the title relatable to the character. By adding the mp3 player into the title it gives a the idea and genre of the film.

6 (introducing the character) We decided to open our film showing our character. We did this because we wanted the audience to have a clear understanding of who the main character.

7 (Title font and style) We decided to use simple white text as it would be clear to the viewer.

8 (Genre) This shot shows the audience the film is based around the appreciation of music.

9 (Costume) We chose to dress the main character in clothes teenagers today would wear, we did this so it would be more relatable. We also added a rucksack to show he is preparing or packed something important.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


We believe that our character, is most like the main character from Tenacious D And The Pick Of Destiny. Both characters have a strong love for music, but have different ways of showing it. The main character in Tenacious D has an open view on his music, as he shows it through median of song. However our character has a secretive nature never speaking or expressing his views in any way. The similarities are that they both play as the leading role in there films. They both are young and stereotypical of there age groups.

Monday, 16 November 2009


This is are directors commentary for are film opening.


Our Target Audience...

16 years of age
stereotypical male teen
baggy, jeans, baggy shirt, scruffy shoes or converse
lives in an semi-detached house
buys music and films from hmv
he watches films cinema ie. cineworld/vue
listens to rock, indie, ie. i am the movie-motion city soundtrack
listen to music,and plays games in spare time
not a lot of tv watching
films like tenacious d and school of rock
plays games like guitar hero, rock band on Xbox 360

We believe that these people will like our film because we modeled our main character after them and put him in a situation that they can relate to.

Friday, 13 November 2009


This is are film with all annotation added


Here are some screen grabs of programs we have used.

Final Cut Express
We used Final Cut Express to edit our film,
we have developed basic and some advanced
editing skills. We used text, trimmed the clips,
took away the backround noise, used transitions.


We used Garageband to make the soundtrack
for our film. We have learnt basic skills in
garageband like trimming and breaking up the
music clips.


We used Photoshop for all of our photos we
have made, for example our 3x3 screenshot
grid. We have picked up some good and quick
editing skills in this, and know how to use the
different tools.

Here are some screen grabs from some websites we have used.
We used Soundcloud to upload our example
track we made in Garageband.

We used Vimeo to upload all of the videos we
made including plan videos, and the final.

We used flickr to upload images throughout
the task including our storyboard.

we used this website to rate are film
We have used many different websites that have helped us throughout the task. Youtube and Vimeo are the ones we used most. We are noe confident uploading or downloading content onto websites.


Looking back at my preliminary task i i learnt a couple of rules concerning continuity editing mainley match on action shot witch is a technique where the editor cuts from one shot to another view that matches the first shot this pitcher shows the match on action shot in bouth videos.

Rating For Our Film

We believe that our film best suits the BBFC rating of 12A. The reason for this is that we think the dark tone and the idea of running away from home may be a bit to serious for a PG audience. Also the use of bad language, and scenes of bullying is not suitable for a younger audience. We also think that the age group best suits the genre and story as the audience can relate to it. 

Thursday, 12 November 2009

In compassing to are story board we did kip most of the original scenes but do to some charges to are film mainly the seen in the bus because of money problems we couldn't shot Any scenes in the bus so we decided to replace it for a seen in the cycle bridge.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Creative Risk

In our opening we had to take a risk with are sound. while filming my dog felt avoid of attention and started barking this made are background sound useless meaning that we had to make all of the sound are selves the risk in this is that we had to try to emulate all natural sound the benefit is that we could create any sounds we like on revelation i think we should have made shoer that the dog is away from any filming

Sunday, 1 November 2009

feedback for another group {Hannah & Emma}

L3 - GROUP 2 (Hannah & Emma) Film Opening Rough Cut from cmdiploma on Vimeo.

this is one of the better opening in my opinion but there still some tweaks manly the way the music if you want to keep using the song that must be a shot of Hannah playing the music and a shot of both chariots playing the song on a portable music player this way thy cannot take Any marks away the next thing some of the shots are a bit wobbly so i think it is in you bast interest to redo them besides that i did like Hannah & Emma opening was funny an entertaining and i can't wait to see the finish product

L3 - GROUP 3 (Tom & Liam) Fim Opening Rough Cut from cmdiploma on Vimeo.

This is are Ruth cut of are movie opening there is still a lot of things sound ways to do first we have to deal with the lack of sound at the beginning we attended to fill with the sound of people taking but it was hard for eney one to hare so we have to redoy that then add a sen to show where that sond coming from then the music we have coments that the music is srachy so we have to deal with that then

Monday, 19 October 2009

this is a pitcher of a shot we made on friday

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Waning this clip contains vile language

The film with the most common aspects would have to be Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny the reson fore this is the stary witch has J.B a young boy who wants to play rock but his partis disaprove and so he runs away to try and make it big in hollwood anover reson is the intrducshon of titles like ares it was left near the mildle of the opaning so they colud set the seen.
This week we started to create are film opening called 'Turning In' the mane filming and some editing where done on Tuesday and Friday.

Tuesday’s filming:

Location: we started filming at my home then moved on to my nearest bus stop filming shots of me walking as we go.

What we shot:

1. sitting on bed

2. grabbing my ipod

3. opening my door

4. going down the stares

5. looking at me kitchen door

6. plugging my head phones in

7. opening front door

8. going thru the door

9. turning on ipod

10. walking away from house

11. going down street 1

12. going down street 2

13. walking past bush

14. sitting at bus stop

We plan on using shots 1 to 5 and 7 to 13

Problems while filming: the main problem on the day was with lighting this was manly a problem in shot 7 and 8 ware the sun made it look like the outside of my hose was haven but gratefully this problem was fixt.

Sound: none of the sound we can use

Friday’s filming

Location: we went to the guitar shop on mill road then we went to parkers Pease the walked bake to the Coleridge site filming more shots of me walking on the way and on top of the cycle bridge

What we shot:

1. looking at guitars 1

2. looking at guitars 2

3. playing guitar

4. me walking of into the dissents 1

5. going down street 3

6. looking out from bridge

7. me walking of into the dissents 2

8. going down street 4

We plan on using shots 4 to 8

Problems while filming: the roads where fare to busy fore us to get any good shots from



Tuesday, 13 October 2009

                                                         hare are some more 25 word pitches

Egomania by Paul Alexander and Simon Braithwaite - Hotshot young lawyer Michael Stark becomes so successful, so arrogant and so full of himself that his ego decides to go solo - with disastrous consequences.

The Cleaner by Peter Michael Rosenberg - When a crime scene cleaner haunted by his past uncovers evidence that suggests LAPD cops are working as assassins, he becomes their next target.

Shoeless Joe by Andrew Clyde - A holiday of a lifetime across the desolate heart of the Australian outback turns into a living nightmare for five friends.

Storage by Chris Denne and Matt Winn - Terror stalks a storage facility. Survival for those trapped inside depends on the secrets in those endless units. But some doors are better left locked. 

                                                                             My final idea 

out of the 3 pitches we have chosen the 3rd that was the independent film about a young man living home to make it big in the music industry. the  resin for this because we think it is the most doable out of all the pitches     

Monday, 12 October 2009

                                                                         planing for tomorrow 
in tomorrow session we start filming for the film opining project. we are going to shot the first seen which is in my hose we do knot have anne problems at the moment but time will tell

Sunday, 11 October 2009


Very good blogging tom !

this is a time line for the Title Sequence of the movie Casino Royale

key for the Titles

T1= eon productions LTD presents

T2= Daniel Craig

T3= Ian Fleming's James Bond 007

T4= Casino Royale

T5= Eva Green

T6= Mads Mikkelsen

T7= Giancarlo Gianni

T8= Jesper Christensen & Ivana Milicevic

T9= Tobias Menzies Claudio Santamaria and free runing stunts by Sebastien foucan

T10= with Jeffrey wright

T11= and Judi Dench as M

T12= associate producer Andrew Noakes

T13= camera operator Roger Perarce

T14= sound recordist Chris Munro

T15= property master Ty Teiger

T16= unit production manager Jeremy Johns

T17= Costume designer Lindy Hemming

T18= editor Stuart Baird A.C.E

T19= director of photography Phil Meheux B.S.C

T20= music by David Arnold

T21= you know my name performed by Chris Cornell

T22= executive producers Anthony Waye Callum McDougall

T23= based on the novel by Ian Felming

T24= screenplay by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and Paul Haggis

T25= produced by Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli

this is a pitcher i got from the website showing the title
sequence of the movie Casino Royale

this is the starting story bord

L3 Group 3: TOM B & LIAM - OPENING SEQUENCE ANIMATIC from cmdiploma on Vimeo.

This is the Animatic {moving storyboards} fore my film

Thursday, 8 October 2009

This is my production logo

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

This is a 3x3 grid of screenshots of a possible film opening. We took a selection of shots of google, and pasted them in the order that they would be shown in the opening. We then put text over the images showing our titles we created the previous week. 
We have decided to do a young protagonist film. It will be about a boy running away from home and tries to make it into the music business. 

Sunday, 4 October 2009


glad to see you've started to catch up Tom ! well done
Here are some idea pitches for my film opening

Cloaking Out by Thomas Bailey - Katie smith an former accountant can't find a Job anywhere until she lands a desk Job at a small Capone headed by the grim reaper.

The Ooze by Thomas Bailey - A toxic substance of unknown origins has mutating the both the bodies of both the living and the dead and only Micheal black to stop the ooze.

Runaway from the *C.H.A.V by Thomas Bailey - Dwayne is a young boy who is trying to escape from home town Croydon and try to make it big in the music industry.
*council house and violence

Today i did my first Preliminary task of the course witch was to make a video using Continuity editing. Continuity editing can be split into into mane rules the first is the 180 degree rule. the 180 degree rule the 180 degree rule that states that two characters in the same scene should always have the same left/right relationship to each other this is mainly shown by an imaginary axis connecting the two characters If the camera passes over the axis it is called crossing the line and creating a new shot known as a reverse angle. then there is the match on action shot witch is a technique where the editor cuts from one shot to another view that matches the first shot. using thees techniques we made this short film.

Friday, 2 October 2009

A Pure Genius Productions & Bad Monkey Productions
A Long Road Film
Cast -Nick Robinson,Marshall Kerry, James hickman
Costume designer- Harriet Nickels
Art Direction - Simon Green
Production Design - Michell Ford
Casting - Liam Togher, and Tom Bailey
Film Editing - Albert tuesday
Cinematography - Bill Thompson
Original Music - Lee Fai
Produced - Bert simons
Directed - Bert redman
Main Title

This is the font that we are thinking of using in a film the reason fore this is that we thought that it stands out but is not an eyesore.   

This is are storyboard fore are film opening we used shots from film opening and film trailers to make it all the shots ever have guns or explosions in them.     

Monday, 28 September 2009


this is a start but there is a long way to go. please catch up all posts properly- it all counts towards project marks, so not doing homework actually eats into what you could get for A level! From now on, expect homework from me in this form every week- there is no excuse for not doing it!

For my film opening i did Jackass The Movie the first shot is a street carved in smoke with the names production copay then out of the smoke cums a shopping trolley holding all the people that are in the film dramatic music starts interval introduction to everyone seen in the film trolley crashes

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

This is are redo of the Juno opening that we did unfortunately we coulddent get the gravics right but we did the beast that we could given the time but for my first video i like it.

Monday, 21 September 2009


This blog will be the evidence of your research and planning for the AS coursework, so there needs to be lots on it and lots of detail to it.

All the tasks set will help build up this evidence, so if you don't complete them you will not be able to access the higher marks/grades.

At the moment there is virtually no written evidence on your blog and you have not done the homework.

Please write something to go with each of the existing blogs and then please complete the tasks set. I shall expect to be able to give you feedback on them tomorrow.


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final cut

On tuesday i made my first video using final cut it was short but i liked the music.

my video

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

mood board!

on friday we did this

this is on the movie shifty

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